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(Re-blog) Darmstadt – Lincoln Wall JAM 2017 – Veranstaltungshinweis & Bilder


Am nächsten Wochenende, 08.

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All New 2017 Clothing Range Available via Tee Time SA!!!

Sup yawl!!

Hope you’re doing well… Just a heads up; The all new ThiNXx clothing range is available now and exclusively via the Tee Time SA store… Check out all the fresh new designs put together by Double Xx Design n’ pick something up… The shipping rates are really good and we’ve used nothing but the best quality clothing too!!

Check out the new store page here: Store

hope you’s dig it…

Peace, love, respect, light!

~ Wesley “ThiNXx” ❤️

New Apparel + Store Page Up Now!!!

Along with the new store page, I proudly present the Official ThiNXx Apparel Collection for April 2017 and it’s available for the next 21 days only!!

This is a fresh new 1-off ThiNXx apparel design blended with the Arcadiac Records logo…
Limited run while available; not to be repeated.

Check out the new store page here: Store

hope you dig it…

Peace, love, respect, light!

~ Wesley “ThiNXx” ❤️

2015: ThiNXx Ya May/May Not Have Missed As We Approach the Future! ♥

Peace yawl… Hope you’re doing well!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here but I thought I’d share some ThiNXx that have happened as of late…

Recently, with the help of the good folks over at Music Video Generator; I’ve managed to rustle up 2 new video’s for ya… I kinda dig how they turned out n’ I hope you do too… Let me know your thoughts:

First up is the “generation” for my track “Beautiful”:

n’ then for my latest demo track “Excuse Me” over the awesomely slick instrumental, courtesy of Breathtaking Beats:

Also, in case you may have missed it,  I recently dropped the 3rd video in the “Session Progression” series where I get up on the 1’s & 2’s alongside the homie, Immaculate Mentality killing beats on Maschine!! I really feel we’re making progress here and can’t wait for the next one; hope ya dig it:

IN other new, I just found out that my latest and debut instrumental album “Speechless” made the “Gimmie That Beat” Top 10: October 2015!! I’m pretty taken back by this, must admit =) Thanks yawl!
The month of October has come to an end and hundreds of beat projects and beats have been released by talented beatmakers and producers...I would like to thank each one them for sending their content and visiting the blog, making Gimmie That Beat become successful. Below is the "October Top 10" for the month. The list is compiled by the most downloaded and viewed posts on this blog. Check the list to see if your favorite beat project made the list and feel free to leave a comment!!! Gimmie That Beat Top 10: October 2015 01. illfigure - KrémeBrulee (lp) 02. Trinity Zion - Less is More Vol. 3 03. ThiNXx - Speechless 04. Says Who? - Directions EP 05. Soulitified - This Is Were I've Been 06. L'Orange & Kool Keith - Time? Astonishing...Instrumentals! 07. #LockedInDaDen: Day 1 "Tomato Bisque" 08. Ohno da French - Better Caul Ohno 09. J57 - Geedup 10. Nikki D - Red OktoberIn case you haven’t heard it yet, you can pick up a copy via ‘Arcadiac Records for just $1(Digital) or $7(Limited Edition CD) here:

Or, if you’d like to support my work directly; pick up a digital(Blue) copy for just $3, via my personal Bandcamp page here:

If you’d prefer to just pick up everything at once; you can purchase all 10 of my releases on Bandcamp for just $7.80 here:
oh, also got down to a bit of painting over the weekend ‘n decided to do a bit of a dedication to the mega blog… If you don’t already follow them… well; you should probably get on that! =)
Still got a bit of finishing to do but this is it so far:
12342529_10154427823182222_1453534094504420534_nplease do get in touch with me via you favourite social network… would love to hear from ya ♥ anyone want me to perform in their city… tell somebody…  *fingerscrossed*

ThiNXx ThiNKs ThiNGs…
do hiphop.

Other than that, I’m good and working on many things at the moment… most importantly I’m inspired and moving forward.. I also have the most beautiful niece in the world in my opinion… =)
Life is great♥

Once again, Thanks for your incredible support this year, as always. you’s rock!

Peace, love, respect, light!

~Wesley “ThiNXx” ♥

2015: The Show of my Lifetime + Some News for Ya!

Peace People.

Hope you’re all doing well… Firstly, I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates; especially since this has turned out to be one of the most important years of my life as a musician and it’s you guys that have pushed me to this point, so, Thank you!
2015-07-26 10.06.26-2If you didn’t hear about it; last month, on the 6th of August I had the honour of opening for one of my greatest mentors in music: the one and only Sage Francis. I’m completely humbled by the whole experience and getting to meet the man himself! What an amazing artist and all round human being!
2015-08-06 16.13.20Thanks Uncle Sage. Getting to see you live has breathed new life into my art and I really learned so much from what you did on that stage; simply incredible! So, again; I apologize for not actually announcing this performance: I just had a really busy few weeks leading up to the event. Hopefully some of you did make it out on the night and got to see the show.
2015-08-06 21.44.55-2On the night itself; I got to break away from the norm by doing the whole DJ thing (something I’ve been doing quite a bit of recently) and then for the 30 minutes prior to the acts I dropped cuts alongside the homie Immaculate Mentality killing the live drumming on Maschine. This was too much fun and I really feel we did it some justice.
11821918_1027919690560373_214412977_n(1)The show was hosted by Safari of The Articulate Artists and he did an amazing job with the announcements and interacting with the crowd. Big ups! Really dope to see him up on that stage again and more so getting to see him on a new track. The local line-up consisted of some serious talent from the JHB indie scene and I must say it’s a huge privilege to be able to get up there and bear my soul alongside them all. To S!CK, Soothsayers, Slege Lee, Power of Thought, Yugen Blakrok , Tha Cutt, Exerpt and of course Sage, and then to the organisers, Beneath the Surface, Lalelani Studios, Caps and Cans and TheFilmGuys; thank you for making this a reality! Never did I ever think this would happen or even be possible but it did and we made it so. Mad Respect all round!
11893952_1613028888969965_1776061747183282137_oAlso, to Iron Tusk; dope sound, venue, service… Really looking forward to more shows in the future.
2015-07-28 17.52.37Thank you soo much to all of you who checked out my performance; You guys totally outdid yourselves. I mean, to look up and see so many of you staring back at me… well, I have no words.
You really make this all worth while ♥
2015-07-27 15.55.21Anyways… I won’t try include my whole life in a single update and rather save some things for future posts but I will tell you that I do have a lot of very exciting things happening at the moment and I can’t wait for them to be done so I can tell you all about them.
10366203_10154207434017222_7369790720198786114_nSomething that is done though; is my brand new and first ever Instrumental album dropping 15 September 2015 on Arcadiac Records! With that said, however; I’ll save it for the official announcement =)

Peace, love, respect, light!

~Wesley “ThiNXx”

2015 & Beyond -> IHHE2014 Painting Pic’s #Believe -> Pronoia Mixtape 03 & More!

Hey people…

Hope everyone had a safe and relaxing holiday, ready to confront 2015 in style. Make this the year that you accomplish all those things you’ve been brushing aside for tomorrow. This is exaclty what I’m going to do! I have a lot of stuff I’ve been working on for quite a long time and will now attempt to get done. I will also continue to draw, paint, produce and record music in all of my spare time. I will also improve my finger drumming technique by at least ten times by the end of the year. This is what I’ve set my mind on; I hope you have some of your own things you want to get done and I wish you nothing but the best in accomplishing whatever that is!!

As you might know, I performed at the Indie Hip-hop Expo at Club Zen on New Years eve.. the set itself could have gone a bit better but I had fun anyway and I hope you liked what you heard.
What you might not know is that I dabble with graffiti and got to paint my first piece out!! =) here are a few pic’s:

Thanks to everyone who pulled through!! The whole night was mad fun & I have nothing but the utmost respect to everyone that was there!!

If you haven’t already, I recently had the honour of featuring on the all new Pronoia Mixtape 03 featuring loads of serious talent from all over South Africa… Be sure to get your FREE copy right here:
*Just click the picture / link below*

Also working on a few other pretty exciting things at the moment but I don’t wanna give away too much… =)

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Peace, love, respect, light!

~Wesley “ThiNXx”