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Smrof Dedoced (Decoded Forms Remix) - ThiNXx
Can't Take This Sound ft. Capaciti - ThiNXx
Decayed (EP) - ThiNXx
Excuse Me - ThiNXx
This Just In (Single) - ThiNXx
Excuse Me(Demo) ThiNXx
Speechless (Album) - ThiNXx (Independent Release)
Speechless (Album) - ThiNXx (Arcadiac Records)
I Love the Way You Remix (Single) - ThiNXx
The Violence of FeM (Single) - ThiNXx
All By Myself (Album) - ThiNXx ( I had An Accident Records)
All by Myself, ThiNXx, hip hop, South Africa
All By Myself (Album) - ThiNXx (Independent Release)
All By Myself (Album) - ThiNXx (Arcadiac Records)
Sunny Day Turns Night (Single) - ThiNXx (Us Natives Records)
Fall and Finality [Waatu remix] - ThiNXx
Doesn't Matter, Huh? (Patient Zero remix) - ThiNXx
inthegrey(ThiNXx Remix) - pavleisdead
Illusive(EP) - ThiNXx
Sentiments to Cinders (LP) - ThiNXx (Arcadiac Records)
Sentiments to Cinders (LP) - ThiNXx (Independent Release)
Undo Cut Copy Paste Bold (Single) - ThiNXx
Ballpoint Magician ft. ThiNXx (Single) - Patient Zero (Bitnormal Records)
Malice ft Hobs Sputnik,Tank Wonderful and ThiNXx - Issuez7 and Waatu are Agent Provocateur


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