Good Bye 2021, 2020? – the Slow Years!

Good Bye 2021, 2020? – the Slow Years!

Sup yawl!!

Not even sure what to say about these last two… Just hoping I can get back on the music train in 2022. Honestly, I worked on so much stuff this year tryna get it out for yawl and just wasn’t satisfied with anything… and then, when I was actually making some progress, my computer packed up and I lost all the work I did this year which was pretty frustrating but I wasn’t happy with it anyways so why hang on to things I can’t change.

I’m just really grateful for all that I have, the people in my life and the fact that I can even get hung up on something like music to begin with. Gonna do all I can to ensure I get at least one of the many projects I’m working on out over the next year and if not there is a pretty exciting collab coming up with an SA artist ya may of may not know… so watch the space 🙂

Just wanna take a minute to thank each and every one of ya for the continued support over all these years and a decade of releases… This will be the first year out of 11, I don’t have a release/ album single but hey… it is what it is.. These last 2 years haven’t been easy as I piece my life toward some sort of normalcy amidst the chaos ensuing, so thanks for sticking by me throughout it all… I hope 2022 brings you everything you wish for and so much more!! 🙂

In case ya missed it: I dropped a video album last year and you can check it out right here:

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Much love to you and yours peeps…

Peace, love, respect, light!

~ Wesley “ThiNXx”❤️
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