Sup yawl…

Just wanna wish you guys an amazing festive season… I hope 2018 brings you everything you’ve ever dreamed of and soo much more!!

I’m gonna be doing all I can this next year to bring you a brand new album and release it on a significant platform to ensure it gets heard far and wide. I’ve been working on it a few years already and will ensure it’s my best work to date… All the incredible music that’s coming out now days means I can do nothing less so here goes nothing!! 🙂

Just to say thanks for of yawl’s support over the years, I’ve implemented the max possible discount for my entire discography over on my Bandcamp page and it’s all yours for just $1.30.. I really just wanna have you guys bumping it in your library cos’ that means more to me than anything.. You can pick it up right here:

also, you might have noticed my site looks a little different and that all due the incredible efforts put in by Double Xx Design! It looks amazing and I can highly recommend checking them out for website & SEO work..

Also, mad love to Capaciti for making one of my bucket list wishes a reality by joining me on my latest track “Can’t Take this Sound”! I seriously love the result and can’t wait to do more sometime. To all the artist that have mentored and supported me to point, Thank You!!! Still here and I’m going anywhere soon.

Always looking for gigs in SA if you got something going on… hit me up! 🙂

Peace to for spreading that good stuff.. if ya don’t follow… do the opposite.

Much love to you and yours peeps…

Peace, love, respect, light!

~ Wesley “ThiNXx” ❤️



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