ThiNXx AKA Wesley de la Hunt

Wesley de la Hunt, known as ThiNXx, is a prolific independent hip-hop artist hailing from  Johannesburg, South Africa. With roots dating back to 1997, ThiNXx has journeyed through various musical genres, including punk bands and house DJing. Returning to South Africa in 2006, he immersed himself in the world of hip-hop. ThiNXx’s magnetic stage presence has graced venues worldwide, sharing stages with artists like  Sage Francis and  Yugen Blakrok.

He’s an active collaborator, contributing to projects globally. ThiNXx’s debut album, “All By Myself,” marked his official entry into Arcadiac Records. His music, available worldwide, continues to evolve, with exciting new projects, including the 2023 release “Heightz” with Peg Leg, and his dedication to promoting indie hip-hop through do hiphop,’ showcasing the transformative power of music and activism.





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