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ThiNXx Live at The Northside Takeover – 25 August 2018!!!

Sup yawl... 🎈 and now for my first post of the year... lol. apologies for my scarcity but I've just been incredibly busy trying to get my life together and I'm getting there..The good news is I've got a massive show ...
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Happy Holidays Yawl, (w)Rapup + My Gift to You!

Sup yawl... Just wanna wish you guys an amazing festive season... I hope 2018 brings you everything you've ever dreamed of and soo much more!! I'm gonna be doing all I can this next year to bring you a brand ...
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DECODED FORMS (ThiNXx Remix) – Metapop Competition Entry – Up and Out Now!!

Sup yawl... Been a little quiet music-wise as of late just caught in a consistent battle with life but, I managed to find a some time to cook up a remix track for the Produce This #2: NATIVE INSTRUMENTS - ...
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“Can’t Take This Sound” ft. Capaciti – Brand New Single – Out Now!!!

Sup Yawl!! Hope you're doing well? This project is something I've wanted to make happen for a long time and I'm beyond happy and downright ecstatic to say it's finally come to life! "Can't Take This Sound" is my brand ...
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All New 2017 Clothing Range Available via Tee Time SA!!!

Sup yawl!! Hope you're doing well... Just a heads up; The all new ThiNXx clothing range is available now and exclusively via the Tee Time SA store... Check out all the fresh new designs put together by Double Xx Design ...
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New Apparel + Store Page Up Now!!!

Along with the new store page, I proudly present the Official ThiNXx Apparel Collection for April 2017 and it's available for the next 21 days only!! This is a fresh new 1-off ThiNXx apparel design blended with the Arcadiac Records ...
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