“Savior Self” – All New Single – 30/11/2018!!

Sup yawl… 🎈

“Savior Self”, my all new single is due for release this Friday 30/11/2018 and I really can’t wait to share it with ya!!

It’s even been specially mastered by the one and only C Money Burns & if’ you’d like to be among the very first to own/hear it… you can now Pre-order it via my Bandcamp page or the link below and I’ll ensure you get it first… just comment on the form below to give a head up and I’ll make it my personal mission. 🙂

savior-self-by-thinxx-new-single-coming-soon-30-11-18***Pre Order “Savior Self”***

I’m also still looking for a blog to premiere this track, so if you’re interested or know of a blog that might be… please get in touch!

and to every single one of you that helped me get to this point and supported me wholeheartedly along the way… Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Peace! ~TXx❤️
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