2015: The Show of my Lifetime + Some News for Ya!

Peace People.

Hope you’re all doing well… Firstly, I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates; especially since this has turned out to be one of the most important years of my life as a musician and it’s you guys that have pushed me to this point, so, Thank you!
2015-07-26 10.06.26-2If you didn’t hear about it; last month, on the 6th of August I had the honour of opening for one of my greatest mentors in music: the one and only Sage Francis. I’m completely humbled by the whole experience and getting to meet the man himself! What an amazing artist and all round human being!
2015-08-06 16.13.20Thanks Uncle Sage. Getting to see you live has breathed new life into my art and I really learned so much from what you did on that stage; simply incredible! So, again; I apologize for not actually announcing this performance: I just had a really busy few weeks leading up to the event. Hopefully some of you did make it out on the night and got to see the show.
2015-08-06 21.44.55-2On the night itself; I got to break away from the norm by doing the whole DJ thing (something I’ve been doing quite a bit of recently) and then for the 30 minutes prior to the acts I dropped cuts alongside the homie Immaculate Mentality killing the live drumming on Maschine. This was too much fun and I really feel we did it some justice.
11821918_1027919690560373_214412977_n(1)The show was hosted by Safari of The Articulate Artists and he did an amazing job with the announcements and interacting with the crowd. Big ups! Really dope to see him up on that stage again and more so getting to see him on a new track. The local line-up consisted of some serious talent from the JHB indie scene and I must say it’s a huge privilege to be able to get up there and bear my soul alongside them all. To S!CK, Soothsayers, Slege Lee, Power of Thought, Yugen Blakrok , Tha Cutt, Exerpt and of course Sage, and then to the organisers, Beneath the Surface, Lalelani Studios, Caps and Cans and TheFilmGuys; thank you for making this a reality! Never did I ever think this would happen or even be possible but it did and we made it so. Mad Respect all round!
11893952_1613028888969965_1776061747183282137_oAlso, to Iron Tusk; dope sound, venue, service… Really looking forward to more shows in the future.
2015-07-28 17.52.37Thank you soo much to all of you who checked out my performance; You guys totally outdid yourselves. I mean, to look up and see so many of you staring back at me… well, I have no words.
You really make this all worth while ♥
2015-07-27 15.55.21Anyways… I won’t try include my whole life in a single update and rather save some things for future posts but I will tell you that I do have a lot of very exciting things happening at the moment and I can’t wait for them to be done so I can tell you all about them.
10366203_10154207434017222_7369790720198786114_nSomething that is done though; is my brand new and first ever Instrumental album dropping 15 September 2015 on Arcadiac Records! With that said, however; I’ll save it for the official announcement =)

Peace, love, respect, light!

~Wesley “ThiNXx”
[email protected]

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