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Wesley de la Hunt, professionally known as ThiNXx, is a dynamic independent hip-hop artist hailing from the vibrant city of Johannesburg, South Africa. With a musical journey that spans back to 1997, ThiNXx has explored various genres, leaving an indelible mark on the music landscape. His artistic evolution includes stints in punk bands, instrumental hip-hop groups, and even as a house DJ under the alias “Fly,” where he secured residencies at numerous Johannesburg venues. In 2004, he took his talents to the United Kingdom, gracing the stages of various bars and clubs.

In May 2006, ThiNXx returned to South Africa with a newfound passion for the world of hip-hop music. Since then, he has been on a relentless artistic journey, unleashing a slew of projects, mixtapes, and singles. ThiNXx’s musical odyssey has seen him collaborate with talented artists from around the globe, including notable figures such as Capaciti (US), Phil G the Knowbody (US), Waatu Music (Canada), Shep on Bass (of Wrists, UK), Mainvein (Johannesburg), Immaculate Mentality (Johannesburg), and Allison Truj (US).

ThiNXx’s magnetic stage presence has graced local shows in Johannesburg and Cape Town, including standout performances at venues such as Splash Jam, Babylon, Wordplay, and The Indie Hip-hop Expo. Notably, he has shared stages with esteemed artists like Sage Francis, Hymphatic Thabs, Yugen Blakrok, Ewok, Fifi the Rai Blaster, Power of Thought, and Slege Lee, among others.

In 2013, ThiNXx’s talents were recognized on various projects and compilations, including “Moving with the Tymez” and “Issuez7 & Waatu are Agent Provocateur.” His international collaborations also extended to “Patient Zero,” where he contributed captivating lyrics to the debut single “Ballpoint Magician” from the “Scarecrow Tactics” EP.

Arcadiac Records welcomed ThiNXx into its collaborative fold in October 2013, a Michigan-based collective comprising artists like Eager Maniacs, Fast Tactics (FASTAX), Gerko, Onboard Balloon, Petty Tyrants, The Sisu Kid, and Walking With Balance. Together, they re-released ThiNXx’s 2012 project “Sentiments to Cinders” with fresh cover art and updated lyrics.

November 2013 marked ThiNXx’s status as a finalist in the prestigious Strange Famous Records and No Bird Sing “Don’t Think” remix contest, competing against talented producers from across the globe.

In 2014, ThiNXx unveiled his debut album, the self-produced and multi-themed “All By Myself.” This marked his first official release under Arcadiac Records. Simultaneously, his track “Sunny Day Turns Night” found a place on the UsNatives instrumental compilation “Oddiology.”

On October 31, 2014, ThiNXx celebrated the release of a limited-edition cassette tape version of “All by Myself,” thanks to I had An Accident Records, making his music accessible in various countries, including the United States, France, and Japan.

August 2015 witnessed ThiNXx’s electrifying performance alongside Sage Francis at Iron Tusk (Johannesburg) during the South African leg of Sage Francis’s “Going Through Hell 2015” world tour. ThiNXx also showcased his DJ skills as the event’s opening act.

September 2015 brought ThiNXx’s debut instrumental album, “Speechless,” another offering from Arcadiac Records. This thought-provoking album reflects his deep-seated sentiments about the modern world, with a focus on human behavior and the state of the world. Concurrently, he released a demo track titled “Excuse Me,” directed at the South African president and the rampant corruption within the government.

In May 2016, ThiNXx released the official music video for “Excuse Me,” collaborating with Breathtaking Beats on the instrumental. In June of the same year, he dropped the “Decayed” EP to commemorate a decade of creating music as ThiNXx.

Exactly a year later, ThiNXx teamed up with Minneapolis (U.S.A) underground emcee Capaciti for the collaborative single “Can’t Take this Sound,” featuring a gritty, self-produced instrumental crafted on Maschine.

In 2017, ThiNXx contributed the remix “Smrof Dedoced (Decoded Forms Remix),” produced on Metapop, for the Metapop Produce This #2: Native Instruments – DECODED FORMS remix contest.

April 2018 saw ThiNXx’s feature on the track “Mesmorized Flair” from Issuez7’s album “ALMANAC”. Additionally, he released his self-produced DIY single and music video, “Savior Self”.

December 2019 brought yet another single and music video release for ThiNXx’s track “Half Way Up”, self-produced on Maschine with video elements crafted in a DIY-inspired, iPhone selfie video.

2020 witnessed ThiNXx’s consistent creative output with the release of “Witches,” a themed full-length instrumental album that took five years to complete.

After a three-year hiatus, ThiNXx made a triumphant return in 2023 with a brand-new album titled “Heightz,” a collaborative effort with Peg Leg(US).

Beyond his musical pursuits, ThiNXx operates an NGO website called “do hiphop”, dedicated to promoting indie hip-hop artists and raising global awareness. He is an artist deeply committed to the intersection of hip-hop and world activism, firmly believing in the transformative power of music and artists to shape the world.

With several exciting projects and collaborations on the horizon, ThiNXx remains available for interviews and guest appearances upon request.

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