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2015: ThiNXx Ya May/May Not Have Missed As We Approach the Future! ♥

Peace yawl… Hope you’re doing well!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here but I thought I’d share some ThiNXx that have happened as of late…

Recently, with the help of the good folks over at Music Video Generator; I’ve managed to rustle up 2 new video’s for ya… I kinda dig how they turned out n’ I hope you do too… Let me know your thoughts:

First up is the “generation” for my track “Beautiful”:

n’ then for my latest demo track “Excuse Me” over the awesomely slick instrumental, courtesy of Breathtaking Beats:

Also, in case you may have missed it,  I recently dropped the 3rd video in the “Session Progression” series where I get up on the 1’s & 2’s alongside the homie, Immaculate Mentality killing beats on Maschine!! I really feel we’re making progress here and can’t wait for the next one; hope ya dig it:

IN other new, I just found out that my latest and debut instrumental album “Speechless” made the “Gimmie That Beat” Top 10: October 2015!! I’m pretty taken back by this, must admit =) Thanks yawl!
The month of October has come to an end and hundreds of beat projects and beats have been released by talented beatmakers and producers...I would like to thank each one them for sending their content and visiting the blog, making Gimmie That Beat become successful. Below is the "October Top 10" for the month. The list is compiled by the most downloaded and viewed posts on this blog. Check the list to see if your favorite beat project made the list and feel free to leave a comment!!! Gimmie That Beat Top 10: October 2015 01. illfigure - KrémeBrulee (lp) 02. Trinity Zion - Less is More Vol. 3 03. ThiNXx - Speechless 04. Says Who? - Directions EP 05. Soulitified - This Is Were I've Been 06. L'Orange & Kool Keith - Time? Astonishing...Instrumentals! 07. #LockedInDaDen: Day 1 "Tomato Bisque" 08. Ohno da French - Better Caul Ohno 09. J57 - Geedup 10. Nikki D - Red OktoberIn case you haven’t heard it yet, you can pick up a copy via ‘Arcadiac Records for just $1(Digital) or $7(Limited Edition CD) here:

Or, if you’d like to support my work directly; pick up a digital(Blue) copy for just $3, via my personal Bandcamp page here:

If you’d prefer to just pick up everything at once; you can purchase all 10 of my releases on Bandcamp for just $7.80 here:
oh, also got down to a bit of painting over the weekend ‘n decided to do a bit of a dedication to the mega blog dohiphop.com… If you don’t already follow them… well; you should probably get on that! =)
Still got a bit of finishing to do but this is it so far:
12342529_10154427823182222_1453534094504420534_nplease do get in touch with me via you favourite social network… would love to hear from ya ♥ anyone want me to perform in their city… tell somebody…  *fingerscrossed*

ThiNXx ThiNKs ThiNGs…

do hiphop.

Other than that, I’m good and working on many things at the moment… most importantly I’m inspired and moving forward.. I also have the most beautiful niece in the world in my opinion… =)
Life is great♥

Once again, Thanks for your incredible support this year, as always. you’s rock!

Peace, love, respect, light!

~Wesley “ThiNXx” ♥

***One Day Only*** – Purchase My Full Discography and Save 75% – BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!!

Peace people!

Hope you’re doing well; Just thought I’d try my hand at this whole Black Friday Sale thing today, so I’ve decided to to offer a one-day special on the purchase of my entire discography and go all the way down to as low as Bandcamp will let me…

If you’ve ever wanted to grab some of my projects, today is the best possible day to do so!! If you’re interested just click on the link and/or image below and you’ll get digital copies of my entire discography for just $3.25!!! Yeah, I know it’z a bit crazy but it is just for one day and I’d rather you owned my music and played it than trying to charge a fortune for it.

This is the link:
Check it out here.

This promotion will be available during the course of 2015/11/27 only and thereafter all pricing will revert to normal.

Hope you enjoy the tunes!!
Thanks for your awesome support this year, as always. you’s rock!

Peace, love, respect, light!
~TXx ♥

Peace, love, respect, light!

~Wesley “ThiNXx” ♥

2014 Final Update: Pronoia Mixtape 03 -> The Indie Hip-hop Expo 2014 -> Happy Holidays & Thank YOU!

Hey people…

It’s been an incredible year and if I’m honest, probably the best one so far, musically of course. I have learned a lot, got to meet new and genuinely amazing people, released an album, made a few music videos and even got quite involved in the art side with side and pushing the graff side a bit too. I just really enjoy the elements of hip-hop and try to be involved in as many as possible.
It’s also been pretty heart-breaking at times due to people being people and all that but what I’ve learned is that these things will happen and you can’t let them discourage you from getting what you need to do… done.

I have a lot planned for 2015 but my major goal is to continue to develop my production on Maschine and also do more shows… so, if you’re looking to book me; this would be a good time to do it… Otherwise come along and enjoy the show when we do it indie style.

Yesterday Pronoia released the latest in their series of seriously fresh South African Hip-hop mixtapes and I’m really honoured to be a part of it… so, if you haven’t already; get yourself a copy here:

Speaking of shows… my next gig is on New Year’s Eve at The Indie Hip-hop Expo 2014 held at Club Zen 293 Fox Street, Arts on Main, Maboneng, Johannesburg and I will be performing alongside some of the best Indie Artists South Africa has to offer and I’m pretty excited about it! Dohiphop.com will also be there with Merch, cd’s, sticker’s etc. so go say hi. They will also have some of my stuff available for sale too and I’ll be around on the day too…
It’s R50 to get in and you get a free cd featuring a lot of the lineup!!!

This is the flyer; really hope to see some of you there!!!
I’d just like to give a huge shout out to Arcadiac Records and all my label-mates for their consistent support and pushing me to be better… Thank you guys; it really means the world to me and I appreciate you more than words can ever say! =)

Also to Justin and I had An Accident Records for the simply stunning and incredibly beautiful cassette tape version of “All by Myself”. It is mainly the reason the album was spotted and chosen for the La Soupe de Son, Top Albums for October 2014!! otherwise I don’t think it would have been seen. I have gained countless new listeners and peers though this release and I’m beyond grateful for the support you’ve given me. So, thank YOU!

To my people, my family, my friends… Thank you for believing in me, inspiring me, pushing me and molding me into the person I am today ♥ ; don’t know where I’d be without you!

Peace & love to my Parents, my bro and new sister in law… Phil G the Knowbody & The Philavibe Family, Ordeal, Peg leg, Waatu, Dozr & Crew, Bodi, Subtrix, Rude Max, Issuez7, Iapetus Records, Mainvein, Kamikaze Picnic, Anti-B, Pronoia, dohiphop, G & G; Truj, Jake, Musta Mind, Pavleisdead, K.O. Promotion & Management, The Meerkat Mob, The Community, The Indie Expo and YOU! Thanks for the backup, advice, beats, promotion, art, support, love and general good vibes. Every single one of you means the world to me…

This is me out for 2014… Have a safe festive season and nothing but the best for the new year! Here’s to stepping forward in 2015.

Peace, love, respect, light!
~Wesley “ThiNXx”


“All By Myself” – Now Available via I-tunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.

Hey peeps…

Hope you are all well and having a great Monday so far…
I’d just like to thank you all for your support with the Cassette tape version of “All by Myself” on I had An Accident Records… These have officially sold out and there are now only a handful available via Arcadiac Records and one or two other outlets around the world so if you do still want one best get it before they’re all gone.

Digital versions, as well as very limited edition handmade CD’s are still available here:

If you prefer to get your music from the larger outlets, you can now officially purchase the whole album or any of the single tracks you choose via almost every digital outlet out there:
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/il/album/all-by-myself/id947754451
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/All-Myself-Thinxx/dp/B00QM9FTO0/ref=sr_1_cc_5?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1418038060&sr=1-5-catcorr&keywords=thinxx
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thinxx3

So yeah, you can now pretty much get it most places =)
and I’ll tell you what… as a special “read” test; from today till Friday 19th December, if you email me a proof of purchase/ invoice for the album via any of the links listed above to thinxx@thinxx.org , I will send you a brand new, unreleased demo track I’ve been keeping aside till now…

Hope you’s dig the album…

Peace, love, respect, light!



50% off of Everything in the ThiNXx Bandcamp Store till December 1st!!

Hey people…

It’s that time of year again where the whole world goes crazy with “Sales” etc. so I thought, why not get involved this year..

So, until this Monday December 1st, you can use the discount code “halfoff” to get 50% off everything in the ThiNXx Bandcamp Store!!

This includes all physical merch and digital downloads too!!

To see everyhthing on offer, please visit:
https://thinxx.bandcamp.com/ or
https://thinxx.bandcamp.com/merch or click on the picture below:

Happy holidays yawl!

Peace, love, respect, light!


ThiNXx – Live Performance Tonight @ “The Community – S!CK WIT IT” @ The Lighthouse on 7th, Melville!!!

Peace people.. Hope you’re all doing well and are having a great week so far. =)

So, I have a show tonight and will be perfoming a full 20 minute set for ya at The Lighthouse on 7th , 7th Street Melville, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa!
This is the flyer:
10703550_309078765942926_7049026731029259262_nHere’s a little more about the show:

“The Lighthouse presents “The Community – S!CK WIT IT”.

The Lighthouse on 7th is hosting the second installment of this raw hip hop night for all the emcees, producers and conscious heads in Jozi.

The concept is to bring back what’s been lost – the community, the street life, the dignity and respect that the culture of hip hop has to teach. We’ve created a space which is open to Jozi’s emerging underground rappers, bboys, graffiti artists, muralists, producers and musicians to throw down on stage, network with each other and build a repertoire of artists that represent and recognise the realness. Not only are we building a condusive enviroment for all the REAL hip hop heads, we strongly believe in uplifting the community around us. Please bring any old clothes you no longer need and are willing to donate, we will be hosting a charity event and distributing the donations to the locals who need a new outfit.

Drinks specials for the night are TBA.

“The Community – S!CK WIT IT” will be hosted by Soothsayers.

Doors open at 7pm, with emcees starting off the open-mic at 8pm.
All artists are invited to bring their A-game and show us why they deserve a slot in the upcoming events. First come, first serve, there are 5 available slots for open-mic at one track each, we encourage you to arrive before the event starts to assure your slot.

Proceedings are as follows:

7pm-8pm : P.O.T on the decks
8pm-8:30pm : Open Mic
8:30pm – +/- 10:00pm : Live Performances
10:00pm – Close : The Community jam. (Freestyles)

Our live performances for the evening and the order they will perform is as follows:



S!CK – Headline Act

Elsirven Sativa

The night will end off with a freestyle jam session involving the artists that performed while showcasing local producers beats that are for sale”.

I for one am really looking forward to it… I have some really cool material prepared with old, new & even some unreleased tracks that are only a few weeks old.

I will also have physical copies of my album “Sentiments to Cinders” for sale at R50 each if you haven’t got one already. I’m concidering bring one or two copies of the limited “All by Myself” handmade CD’s and if I do these will be R140 each.

I really hope to see some of you there and can’t wait for the show!

*Please don’t forget to bring old cloths for charity as this is your entrance fee*. =)

Peace, love, respect, light!


Free Friday Four for Feeling Fantastic

Happy Friday yawl!
here’s a little four I put together for your pleasure to read at your leisure…
hope you enjoy.

“Get to finding that focus; fling the fictitious to the flames
flip the fallacies to challenging and freeze all the frames
ferociously fight of the fickle and fly till your flappers fail
For Friday’s finally here & I’m feeling fantastic, hope that’s ok”…

Working on some pretty cool things right now and working hard to better my production levels. Hopefully I’ll have something to show ya soonest.

In the mean time, there are still a few copies left of my latest album “All by Myself” (the very limited CD edition) so be sure to get on that if you’d like one and want to avoid disappointment. There are only 10 of these in the whole world so it’s a pretty cool thing to have… You can get your copy right here & they do ship world-wide:

Thanks for all your constant support & pushing me to be better.

Peace, love, respect, light!

“The Lyric Book” – Very limited Edition of 6 – Available Now!

Hi All..

Hope you’re having a great week.This is one for the true supporter who wants to help me push my future projects. Check out the very limited edition, hand-numbered edition of only 6 soft cover lyric books in matt black, put together by myself. Click on the picture below to purchase:
0003048220_10This book showcases the lyrics from my first 3 albums:
– “White Paper Blackouts”(2010)
– “Change the Channel” (2011)
– “Sentiments to Cinders” (2012)

It’s a once off run and these will not be made available again.

4 remaining.

Includes immediate download of All By Myself in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

All orders will ship along with special secret items packed by yours truly.

Also be on the look out for some pretty exciting new’s TBA soon!

Peace, love, respect, light!

Fall and Finality [the Waatu remix] With Cuts by DJ Clarity – Out Now!!

Hey People!! Hope you’re all doing really well and having a great week.. Been waiting a while to be able to share this with you and I’m ectatic to announce that it’s finally here!!! =)
Check this brand new & extremely fresh remix for my track “Fall and Finality” by the one and only Waatu with some mad slick cuts by DJ Clarity!!!
You can listen to and purchase it here:

The original track is from my last album “Sentiments to Cinders” available for free download on the Arcadiac Records Bandcamp page here:

If you’d like to hear more from Waatu & Dj Clarity these are there Facebook & Twitter pages:
Waatu: Facebook – Twitter
Dj Clarity: FacebookTwitter

Hope you guys enjoy the track; huge thanks to Waatu and Dj Clarity for putting it together.. Big up’s gent’s!!

Peace, love, respect light!



Hi All…

If you haven’t already heard, I recently signed to Arcadiac Records alongside some serious talent from around the world!!!

They re-released my last album “Sentiments to Cinders” last actually and you can grab yourself a copy right here:

I will also be releasing new material on Arcadiac in the not too distant future.

Arcadiac is a collective of like-minded musicians based out of Wisconsin/Michigan/South Africa/Nevada/Kentucky. The current Arcadiac lineup is: DroneJones aka Krem, Eager Maniacs, Fast Tactics (FASTAX), Petty Tyrants, The Sisu Kid, ThiNXx, Twat, & Walking With Balance.

Yesterday the Official Website went live:

All the info is up their a long with my artist profile:

Please feel free to share any information in this post WIDLEY..

Thank you for your continued support!
~ TXx