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Hi All…

If you haven’t already heard, I recently signed to Arcadiac Records alongside some serious talent from around the world!!!

They re-released my last album “Sentiments to Cinders” last actually and you can grab yourself a copy right here:

I will also be releasing new material on Arcadiac in the not too distant future.

Arcadiac is a collective of like-minded musicians based out of Wisconsin/Michigan/South Africa/Nevada/Kentucky. The current Arcadiac lineup is: DroneJones aka Krem, Eager Maniacs, Fast Tactics (FASTAX), Petty Tyrants, The Sisu Kid, ThiNXx, Twat, & Walking With Balance.

Yesterday the Official Website went live:

All the info is up their a long with my artist profile:

Please feel free to share any information in this post WIDLEY..

Thank you for your continued support!
~ TXx

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