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2014 Final Update: Pronoia Mixtape 03 -> The Indie Hip-hop Expo 2014 -> Happy Holidays & Thank YOU!

Hey people…

It’s been an incredible year and if I’m honest, probably the best one so far, musically of course. I have learned a lot, got to meet new and genuinely amazing people, released an album, made a few music videos and even got quite involved in the art side with side and pushing the graff side a bit too. I just really enjoy the elements of hip-hop and try to be involved in as many as possible.
It’s also been pretty heart-breaking at times due to people being people and all that but what I’ve learned is that these things will happen and you can’t let them discourage you from getting what you need to do… done.

I have a lot planned for 2015 but my major goal is to continue to develop my production on Maschine and also do more shows… so, if you’re looking to book me; this would be a good time to do it… Otherwise come along and enjoy the show when we do it indie style.

Yesterday Pronoia released the latest in their series of seriously fresh South African Hip-hop mixtapes and I’m really honoured to be a part of it… so, if you haven’t already; get yourself a copy here:

Speaking of shows… my next gig is on New Year’s Eve at The Indie Hip-hop Expo 2014 held at Club Zen 293 Fox Street, Arts on Main, Maboneng, Johannesburg and I will be performing alongside some of the best Indie Artists South Africa has to offer and I’m pretty excited about it! will also be there with Merch, cd’s, sticker’s etc. so go say hi. They will also have some of my stuff available for sale too and I’ll be around on the day too…
It’s R50 to get in and you get a free cd featuring a lot of the lineup!!!

This is the flyer; really hope to see some of you there!!!
I’d just like to give a huge shout out to Arcadiac Records and all my label-mates for their consistent support and pushing me to be better… Thank you guys; it really means the world to me and I appreciate you more than words can ever say! =)

Also to Justin and I had An Accident Records for the simply stunning and incredibly beautiful cassette tape version of “All by Myself”. It is mainly the reason the album was spotted and chosen for the La Soupe de Son, Top Albums for October 2014!! otherwise I don’t think it would have been seen. I have gained countless new listeners and peers though this release and I’m beyond grateful for the support you’ve given me. So, thank YOU!

To my people, my family, my friends… Thank you for believing in me, inspiring me, pushing me and molding me into the person I am today ♥ ; don’t know where I’d be without you!

Peace & love to my Parents, my bro and new sister in law… Phil G the Knowbody & The Philavibe Family, Ordeal, Peg leg, Waatu, Dozr & Crew, Bodi, Subtrix, Rude Max, Issuez7, Iapetus Records, Mainvein, Kamikaze Picnic, Anti-B, Pronoia, dohiphop, G & G; Truj, Jake, Musta Mind, Pavleisdead, K.O. Promotion & Management, The Meerkat Mob, The Community, The Indie Expo and YOU! Thanks for the backup, advice, beats, promotion, art, support, love and general good vibes. Every single one of you means the world to me…

This is me out for 2014… Have a safe festive season and nothing but the best for the new year! Here’s to stepping forward in 2015.

Peace, love, respect, light!
~Wesley “ThiNXx”
[email protected]


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