Free Friday Four for Feeling Fantastic

Happy Friday yawl!
here’s a little four I put together for your pleasure to read at your leisure…
hope you enjoy.

“Get to finding that focus; fling the fictitious to the flames
flip the fallacies to challenging and freeze all the frames
ferociously fight of the fickle and fly till your flappers fail
For Friday’s finally here & I’m feeling fantastic, hope that’s ok”…

Working on some pretty cool things right now and working hard to better my production levels. Hopefully I’ll have something to show ya soonest.

In the mean time, there are still a few copies left of my latest album “All by Myself” (the very limited CD edition) so be sure to get on that if you’d like one and want to avoid disappointment. There are only 10 of these in the whole world so it’s a pretty cool thing to have… You can get your copy right here & they do ship world-wide:

Thanks for all your constant support & pushing me to be better.

Peace, love, respect, light!

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