“Heightz” is the all new album from Johannesburg hiphop artist ThiNXx available 14 April 2023 on all digital platforms. This album is all about the ups and downs on life and everything in-between.Originally written and recorded way back in 2013, this is one of those projects that would sadly never come to light until now. “I guess I’m just tired of doing this over and over again. Some of these tracks have over 200 takes without any satisfaction, so the only course of action os to set them free into the world and hope you enjoy what you hear!? I know you’ll know some of these tracks very well and if you’ve ever taken the time to see me perform and show support along the way…. These are for you, with love”.“All beats have kindly been provided by PegLeg(US) who also helped me work on my flow and content significantly during the fruition of this project. I really feel I’ve come a long way here and I’m just sorry I couldn’t get it together until now. Hope we can get it right for the next one and it’s a true honour to work with you on this”.Thank you for your continued love and support.Peace! ~TXx❤️credits released April 14, 2023Mixed by Stand Out Sound Mastered by ThiNXxArtwork by Double Xx Design © SAMRO ©

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