Witches - ThiNXx


Witches - ThiNXx

“Witches” is the all new full length instrumental diy video album from Johannesburg hiphop artist ThiNXx available 31 July 2020 on all digital platforms.

It’s the culmination of around 5 years of catch-as-catch-can productions, vintage movie footage mixed audio-visualisation, heavy effects throughout and a chilling hypnotic undertone.

This is a collection of many hours of hard work and frustration that seems to have paid off quite beautifully in the end. This end result was not foreseen beforehand and rather evolved as a result of the music and attempt to achieve something special. Thanks to the vast wealth of archived, long forgotten footage available now due to the artists and producers of the past. As long as the cycle continues we all live on forever.

This album quite simply is about witches. This is the tale of a witch.

Peace! ~TXx❤️



Produced by ThiNXx
Mixed by Stand Out Sound
Mastered by ThiNXx

Artwork by Double Xx Design 


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