Death's Grip

Death’s Grip

Death's Grip

Presenting "Death's Grip," a fresh and invigorating collaboration straight from the creative minds of South African artists, ThiNXx and Vertical X. The track boasts an epic, rolling bassline that seamlessly transcends into a surreal sound realm, oozing with undeniable style, all while coasting on an epic drumline. ThiNXx's immediate attraction to the music paved the way for an inspired journey of lyricism.

I relished the process of crafting lyrics for this track and visualising how it would all come together. It was as simple as setting this beat on repeat, and the rest flowed effortlessly. The wordplay in this piece is an embodiment of my artistic expression, and I hope you resonate with my lyrical choices. It's all about having fun and capturing the essence of hip-hop."

A colossal shoutout to Vertical X for delivering an incredible production, and heartfelt gratitude to Object Frank for breathing life into this project!

Stay tuned for the full "Death's Grip" EP, scheduled to drop on November 27, 2023, featuring alternative indie versions produced by Object Frank.

Massive love to all of you. ~ThiNXx❤️

For streaming and downloads on various platforms, visit:
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Written by ThiNXx
Produced by Vertical X
Mixed by Vertical X, & Stand Out Sound
Mastered by Vertical X & ThiNXx

Artwork by Double Xx Design 


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