Death's Grip (EP)

Death’s Grip (EP)

Death's Grip (EP)

Death's Grip (EP)

 Embark on a musical odyssey with ThiNXx's latest EP, "Death's Grip." Featuring groundbreaking collaboration with South African producers Vertical X and Object Frank, this release is a testament to the fusion of lyrical finesse and innovative production. Immerse yourself in the sonic landscapes of the original tracks and experience an alternate reality with Object Frank's remix. Elevate your hip-hop playlist—get your copy now!Massive love to all of you. ~ThiNXx❤️For streaming and downloads on various platforms, visit: #ThiNXx #VerticalX #ObjectFrank #NewMusicRelease #Bandcamp #AlternativeVersions #Remix #HipHopJourney


Written by ThiNXx Produced by Object Frank & Vertical X Mixed by Object Frank, Vertical X, & Stand Out Sound Mastered by Object Frank, Vertical X & ThiNXxArtwork by Double Xx Design © SAMRO ©

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