Speechless (Album) – (Independent Release)

�Speechless� because the world shocks me into submission practically every single day without fail. The news horrifies, people disappoint, nature destroys and yet we�re still here. Every time one thinks humans should have learned from mistakes and surely things can start to get better the cycle continues and history repeats itself relentlessly� day after day, year after year. This project purposely has not a single word, cut or sample to try and relay the emotions that entrap my thoughts daily leaving only the basis of what I�m all about with nothing extra to add or opinion to offer to help lift the mood; because try as I may, I just don�t have the words. I hope you get something from this offering and can relate on some level. Nothing but the best to you and yours. Peace, love, respect, light! ~Wesley �ThiNXx� You can also download the digital album via I-Tunes/Apple Music. Get the limited edition Compact Disc via Arcadiac Records.


Produced by ThiNXx All tracks � SAMRO

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