Doesn’t Matter, Huh? (Patient Zero remix)


ThiNXx - Doesn't Matter, Huh?? (Patient Zero Remix)

from The Microphone Monologuez by Various Artists
Explore the remixed vibes of "Doesn't Matter, Huh??" by ThiNXx, featured on The Microphone Monologuez - a collaborative project by Various Artists. This track, remixed by Patient Zero, features the artistic brilliance of ThiNXx, hailing from the vibrant hip-hop scene in Johannesburg, South Africa. The production duo behind the beats includes Waatu from Canada and Shep from the UK. Patient Zero, a talented group signed to the UK label Bitnormal Records, showcases their unique touch in crafting a surreal soundscape that perfectly complements ThiNXx's lyrical finesse. 🌐 More Information:Discover more tracks from talented artists and producers on The Microphone Monologuez compilation, featuring a diverse range of styles and influences from the global hip-hop community.

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