fragment (noun/plural noun: fragments ?fra?m(?)nt/ - 1. a small part broken off or separated from something. ____________________________________________________ "FRAGMENTZ" is a sample and free instrumental EP of all new tracks for your listening pleasure. All the vocal elements have been extracted from other songs to form something completely new. Hope you dig it! ____________________________________________________ Although this EP is entirely free any and the entirety of the amount you decide to pay will be donated directly to the 's "Seeds of hope in Nepal's horror" campaign to help aid the victims of the recent and horrific earthquake. If you would rather make a donation directly please consider doing so here: Peace, love, respect, light! ~ Wesley "ThiNXx" #SpreadHope #SaveNepal #Earthquake #SpreadLove #Ubuntu ?#?NoToXenophobia? ?#?HarmonyOverHate? ?#?Not_Proudly_South_African?


Written, recorded, produced, composed, arranged & mastered by ThiNXx Artwork by Lee Willis non-Commercial release. Contains vocal samples: *Please see individual track's for additional credits*.

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