“Half Way Up” – New Music Video / Single from ThiNXx!

“Half Way Up” – New Music Video / Single from ThiNXx!

Hot off the fresh and just in time to bring in 2020 with a bang!! “Half Way Up” is a track to push the limits of optimistic surrealism, while maintaining that uniquely classic ThiNXx sound developed by this independent South African hiphop artist over the years… self written, played & produced.

Check it out here(drops at 6pm GMT):

‘Half Way Up’… “we all get there eventually. trick is not to stop, keep going, no matter what. Anything and everything is nothing more than that that you make it. So make it special and cherish each minute knowing you made it. I originally wrote and recorded this track all the way back in 2015 but was never wholly satisfied until now. So, for the first time ever on an Aston microphone, I’m beyond stoked to present you with this all new offering. Love yawl”. ~ThiNXx❤️

For streaming/download via other platforms please visit:

Instrumental by ThiNXx
Guitar Played by ThiNXx
Written by ThiNXx
Produced by ThiNXx
Mixed by Stand Out Sound
Mastered by ThiNXxArtwork by Double Xx Design 

Not even sure how I found the time to post this but, Thanks for keeping me going and getting “Half Way Up”… yawl mean the world to me and I cannot thank you enough for your continued support!! Still busy working on some really cool stuff that I feel is by far my best work to date, so keep your eyes out for that although it may still be a while… Quality takes time and I’m taking mine.

Video Editing & Album artwork by Double Xx Design:

Much love to you and yours peeps…

Peace, love, respect, light!

~ Wesley “ThiNXx”❤️
[email protected]


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