Animate ya MindZ… “Savior Self” – New Video from ThiNXx!

Animate ya MindZ… “Savior Self” – New Video from ThiNXx!

Hot off the fresh and kicking off ThiNXx for 2019… Here proudly presenting the music video offering for “Savior Self”, the 2018, full-feature single from South African hiphop artist ThiNXx!! Classic ThiNXx sound… self written, played & produced.

“This is an animated video put together by Double Xx Design to help convey the message of the track. It focusses around two characters putting up pasties(posters stuck up with glue) everywhere they can find offering people advise on how to live their lives… or not! It’s basically a bit of fun to affirm the tried and tested message of… “Savior Self”(Save Yourself)”. ~ThiNXx

Check it right here:

Mastered by the legendary C Money Burns, “Savior Self” is out now and available to stream / purchase via most of your favourite digital distribution channelz! 😎
Get it here!?

This track will appear on a yet to be named ThiNXx project due to be released in the future.

“This track is a long time in the making… Produced on Maschine, I played and recorded the lead guitar riff separately and wrote the lyrics specifically for the beat. It’s all about looking out for one-self and the importance of remembering to do so… It’s very easy to get distracted by the things you can’t control but you need to stay focussed and get to where you need to be without hinderance… Title inspired by those other tracks you’re thinking of… Mad love to my hiphop family. You know who you are”. ~ThiNXx❤️

Anyway… thanks for keeping me going peeps… you mean the world to me and I cannot thank you enough for your continued support!! Busy working on some really cool stuff that I feel is by far my best work to date, so keep your eyes out for that although it may still be a while… Quality takes time and I’m taking mine.

Video Editing & Album artwork by Double Xx Design:

Much love to you and yours peeps…

Peace, love, respect, light!

~ Wesley “ThiNXx”❤️
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