“The Never Ending Illusion”(Music Video) + Illusive​(​EP) – Out Now!

Peace People

In the essence of fun, I decided to make a video for a new track I recorded over the weekend; I’ve actually side-lined it for a long time now but I’m happy to say it’s done! so, check it out! the Official video for my new(slightly older) track “The Never Ending Illusion” from the all new (slightly older) “Illusive” EP.

Video Recorded & Edited by ThiNXx
Music written, recorded, mixed & mastered by ThiNXx

You can also download a copy of the EP for free right here:

“Illusive” is a collection of older, self-produced tracks that I’ve been sitting on for a while along with the now (finally) finished track “The Never Ending Illusion”.It’s in no way a new project and has nothing to do with with what I’m currently working on. I just wanted to get it out so I can move on and to say thanks for the support and seasons greetings and all that.
So, Thanks!! =)

Also, be sure to look out for my future projects out on Arcadiac Records in the not too distant future.

For more if check out:


Peace, love, respect, light!

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