Seasons Greetings & Thank You!

Seasons Greetings & Thank You!


Hey friends. ..

It seems we’ve come to the end of yet another year & I just want to takr a moment to yhank each anf every one of you from the deepest depths of my soul.  You really make doing what I do the utmost pleasure. So thank you! !

It’s been quite a year and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon so watch the space. I promise there will be plenty to follow. Peace to Waatu, Phil G, Shep, Issues7, dronejones, Twat, Citizen, Pegleg, Ordeal and the countless other artists and friends that I’ve either worked with, will work with or even just get to speak with on a daily basis. I really apriciate you more than you could know.

Look out for my future releases on Arcadiac Records in the not too distant future. 2014 id gonna be a keeper!

Also, if you haven’t already. . Go check out the kickstarter campaign for Scribble Jam 2014. It can only happen if we make it happen.  Let’s make it happen…

So, without futher adieu happy holidays friends!

Peace, love, Respect, light!
Wesley ThiNXx

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