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Twenty Thirteen; January to Now & everything inbetween!

Sup people’s

I hope you’s are doing good… Been one hell of a year so for me with a lot of up’s and downs but life is a roller coaster at the end of the day, holding onto the past only prevents the future happening.

Just tryna stay as positive as I can and make as much music as possible.

I also decided to get back into the beatmaking this year and more importantly to do it properly. So, I recently invested in Maschine and I have to say, I think it’s the best decision I’ve ever made; between that and my new soundcard I’ve honestly taken my production to levels that simply weren’t possible before now and I’m beyond happy with how everything is merging and coming together. I’m still a relative beginner at the whole mpc type setup but I’m working hard at it and getting better every time I work it.
This is my Maschine:
MAschine ThiNXx

Pretty cool, huh?

I also thought I’d take a minute to run you through the projects I’ve been involved in and/or release this year, just in case you missed any.

The first project I put out was in March; my “funk” remix for my track “Beautiful”.
this was also my first time working on Maschine litterally like 3 days after getting it…
Check it:

Then, also in March Issuez7 feature my track “Pin Cushion” on and awesome compilation called “Moving with the Tymez” alongside some really amazing artists.
This is the track here:

In April; I had the honour of featuring on the prelude single for Patient Zero(Shep on Bass & Waatu)’s debut EP titled Scarecrow Tactics; again, alongside some truely great artists from all over the world! You can check out my track “Ballpoint Magician” as well as a really cool remix by Subtric right here:

May saw the realease another solo Maschine track I did as an intro for a track that has yet to be released or recorded even. I decided I didn’t like the result of the vox and deleted them; I will be putting the actual track out sometime but there’s no real urgency on it.
It’s called “Intro the Illusion” & can check it out here:

In June I featured on a track called “Malice” from Issuez7 and Waatu’s album “Agent Provocateur, inspired by the riots that took place all over the world. The track also features Hobs Sputnik​,​Tank Wonderful and I’m really proud to be a part of it.
Check it out here:

Later in June, the full Scarecrow Tactics EP from Patient Zero dropped & I have to say; What an awesome project! Big up’s to the folks at Bitnormal Records as well as Shep & Waatu for their amazing work here & It also features the likes of Turtle Handz(US), Tusken Coalition(UK) & Dyzlexik(AUS) and you can grab yourself a copy here:

Then in July I dropped a new single; my first real new solo project of the year & I’m really proud of the final result. It’s called “Undo Cut Copy Paste Bold” and you can check out the entire track, as well as the lyrics right here:

Most recently though, I had the immense honour of featuring on the latest compilation by Issuez7 alongside artists I’ve been listening to for a very long time and have nothing but the utmost respect for. I never ever thought I would feature alongside names like Billy Woods, Atari Blitzkrieg, C-Ray Walz, Tame One plus way too many to mention and when I saw the final lineup of artists it honestly took my breath away. The track featured is an incredible remix by Patient Zero for my track “Doesn’t Matter, Huh??” from the S2C album and the result is simply astounding. Again; big thanks to Waatu and Shep… love it!
It also debuted on this comp and for now… this is the only place you can find it:

I’m really honoured to be able to work alongside such talented musicians and will do all I can to continue to improve and take on the future with full force!

Please take a minute to check out the all of these guys and their works; you won’t regret it!
Shep on Bass –
Issuez7 / Max Reebo –
Bitnormal Records –

Thanks Guys!

Peace, love, respect, light!

Wesley ThiNXx

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