Sentiments to Cinders(Digitally Free):

So, in case you might have missed it for some reason; perhaps because you weren’t around or maybe because Facebook now hides a lot of my posts unless I pay them to force them upon you (which I really hate even considering doing so much that I’ve been forced to resort to alternate measures that’ll hopefully be more successful in reaching you awesome people out there who follow my work), I released an album in September called “Sentiments to Cinders(S2C)”! It features the likes of “Phil G the Knowbody” and “Immaculate Mentality” with beats by “Kamikaze Picnic”, “Mainvein”, “Phil G the Knowbody” and me. It also features an awe inspiring cover, hand painted by Johannesburg street artist “DozR”.

So ye, without babbling on too much; If you’d like, you can either download the digital version or support me and by buying a physical copy that you can keep forever. I highly recommend the physical version because it’s more personal; there’s just something about being able to view the artwork up close on a printed cover, unwrapping the plastic seal, smelling the ink for the first time as it fills the air with fresh scent… plus(for those who appreciate quality), you’ll have the original un-compressed songs and an actual CD in case you ever lost it or your library for some reason.

So, you grab either the physical (including shipping to anywhere in the world) for just $7’s or just click on “name your price” for the digital and enter an amount of your choice.
If you don’t have cash just enter $0 and it’s yours.just remember that every cent will go toward me making more music and the fact is that music costs money and that I have an uncontrollable urge to make it and I’m not planning on stopping any time soon.

Here’s the link:

Thank you for all your support! Please take a second to follow this blog.

Peace, love, respect, light!
~Wesley ThiNXx


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