New Song – “Ballpoint Magician” ft. ThiNXx (Single) by Patient Zero

Peace people

I’m very pleased to be able to bring you a brand new track called “Ballpoint Magician”!!!
It’s not exactly my track though… Here’s the exciting part!
“Ballpoint Magician” is the prelude single to the upcoming debut EP titled “Scarecrow Tactics” from “Patient Zero”, an international collaboration between Waatu Music(Canadian beat writer, Emcee & producer) and Shep on Bass (UK bass player and FX obsessive), bringing bass heavy beats, banging rhythm’s and guest emcee performances from around the world with grooves to die for.

Their first track features me, representing South Africa in the 1st round of the Patient Zero take-over.
To download the track click on this link right here:

Patient Zero aim to maintain the project as something which remains an international entity, expanding on global reach with each and every release! They are officially signed to Bitnormal Records, an independent net-based record label specialising in electronica. They represent artists that are dark, dirty, glitchy, funky, ambient and downright awesome.
Check them out here:

About the track:


released 15 April 2013

Ballpoint Magician is written, arranged, mixed & mastered by Patient Zero.

Patient Zero are:
Waatu – Beats, Breaks & Post-Production
Shep – Bass, Noise & Sonic Deconstruction

All vocals/lyrics written & performed by ThiNXx (
ThiNXx appears courtesy of do hiphop (

Shep uses & endorses Roscoe Bass Guitars, TheGigRig switching & power systems and COG Effects.
I hope ya’ll enjoy the track… I promise only much bigger and better things to come.
Thank you for all your support so far; It really means the world to me!

Peace, love, respect, light!

Wesley ThiNXx

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