Moving with the Tymez – Compilation from Issuez

Moving with the Tymez – Compilation from Issuez


Sup Peeps! How’s it going? Just a heads up..

I’m very exited to announce the arrival of “Moving with the Tymez”; a brand new compilation by Issuez / Maxx Reebo featuring various really dope hiphop artists from all over the world of which I happen to be one of.

Check out my track “Pin Cushion” from S2C as well as 44 other tracks from the likes of  Passive 6 5ive , Waatu Music , Carl KavorkianMC Nobody Cares,Timmo80, Melodius Mike, Weezone, DJ Shortrock and many many more!

Grab your free copy right here:

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Peace, love, respect, light! ~ThNXx

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