hey there…

so, hey there; I was just wondering how you�d been
it�s been a while since we last spoke and I�m sorry but I�ve been grieving
ironically a month after I dropped an album with track about leaving
life�s nightmare resumed and left me barely breathing
now dreaming of a day when my mind can stop screaming
but just knowing that you�re good is helping me to start the healing
feeling like I�m getting there but I have to keep revealing
a little more of my heart on these pages with a little more meaning
leaning more toward my goals and grateful that I have the chance
so onward we march, advance into this dance
and I can�t answer all your questions but I�ll try to take a stance
to help you understand what you missed at first glance
My work has been enhanced by what left my mind numb
now just tryna hitch a ride, so I�m sticking out my thumb
roll the drum and do the sums before I fall and circum
but don�t worry too much because I�m very far from done�
�- � – ThiNXx – � – 2013/02/22 – � – WesleyJ – � –


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