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“All By Myself” – Limited Discount Code Offer – less 90%!!!

Hey people…

I hope you’re doing well! I have some great news…
In an effort to expand my listeners I’m offering a limited discount of -90% off the purchase of my latest album “All By Myself”!!

so, until the end of May, when you check out using the promo code ” dohiphop ” you can grab the album direct from the ThiNXx bandcamp page for almost nothing!!
I’m particularly looking for people who have bandcamp user pages and who will add the album to their collection as the more places it shows up, the better I can spread word of the album. this is where to purchase:

there will also be a limited run of 10 handmade cd’s coming in the not too distant future but I’ll let you know about that a little closer to the time..

Hope you’s dig the album!!

Peace, love, respect, light!

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