A Glimpse of ThiNXx to Come & Other Stuff!

Hey peeps..

Hope you’re all doing well! I’m really sorry for not posting regularly but with all the things I choose to take on I just find that it’s not easy to keep up… not complaining at all; just explaining it all.

In most recent new’s I got my first official look at the cassette tape release for my last album “All By Myself” that dropped with Arcadiac Records earlier this year. I will be doing a limited-run of this album with the good folks over at I Had an Accident Records and am beyond excited about it!! =) I will post some more pictures soon but for now here’s a sneak peek:
cassete ABMS

This year has been a serious learning curb for me; mostly to do with production; I feel that I am getting better every time I take to maschine and have been able to achieve some impressive work-flow as of late. Just keeping my head down and trying to improve as best I can; Hopefully I’ll even catch you at a show in the very near future…

I also have some pretty cool collabs coming up that I’m completely taken back by as well as a whole load of instrumental tracks in the works but these will all(among others) be part of a release coming sometime in the near future, but I’m in not rush at all so, it could take a little time.

In other news, my brother is getting married on the weekend!!!!!! =)
I couldn’t be a prouder big brother if I wanted to and I’m so grateful to have the awesome family I do… See you on Saturday bruv. I can’t wait!

I also recently put out a new DIY music video for my track “Punch in the Facebook” from the “All By Myself” album and you can check it out here:

Also, I have some beautiful looking dohiphop.com button / badges with me and I’ve decided that, while they last I will include a few with any orders for physical merch purchased from my Bandcamp page here:

I feel like I should be saying a whole lot more but hopefully I’ve said enough to hold your interest through this post, so thanks for taking the time to read this… Really appreciate you’s  =)

Peace, love respect, light!

ThiNXx ThiNKs ThiNGs
all inquiries may be directed to [email protected] 

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