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5 Free Download Codes for “Change the Channel” + News etc…

Peace People…

It’s been one hell of a year so far and I’m not done yet;should have a new remix out, probably within the next week and a whole bunch of projects I need to get recorded/ finalized/laid-out for 2014 as well as some big plans which will hopefully fall into place soon enough.

Anyway; I just wanted to say thanks for all your support over the years and thought I’d help you get through Monday by giving away some digital copes of my 2011 album “Change the Channel”. It’s in no way my best work but I do feel it was an integral part of getting to where I am now and I am proud of it. It’s a for sale only album mainly because I only want it in the hands of people who are able to appreciate it for what it is; a stepping stone in a series of many on a path that is just beginning.

I’ve limited it to 5 codes and depending how this goes I may or may not do this again… Also if you have a Bandcamp User account you will be listed as an official supporter of the album and it will display on your user page(which I think is pretty cool.
Change the Channel Cover front TInyER copy
So; to get yourself a copy simply go to the following link:

and enter one of these 5 codes to get your free copy of “Change the Channel”


You can pick any of the 5 codes and they should work around 3 times each so try a different code if the first one doesn’t work. First come; first serve.

Enjoy! ~ TXx

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