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DECODED FORMS (ThiNXx Remix) – Metapop Competition Entry – Up and Out Now!!

Sup yawl…

Been a little quiet music-wise as of late just caught in a consistent battle with life but, I managed to find a some time to cook up a remix track for the Produce This #2: NATIVE INSTRUMENTS – DECODED FORMS Competition over at MetaPop!!

I actually ran of time but please do give it a listen n’ let me know what ya think. 🙂

This is the track:
DECODED FORMS (ThiNXx Remix) | MetaPop on @MetaPopInc

Hope ya like it a little bit at least. 🙂

Peace, love, respect, light!

~ Wesley “ThiNXx” ❤️


new videos: DJ / Production Type ThiNXx for Ya!

Peace People… welcome to Friday! =)

In case you missed em’ I’ve dropped 2 DJ/Production type video’s over the past week or so n’ thought I’d share them with ya…

The first one is a little (solo) practice session of cutz all by myself:

The second is a team effort between myself on dex and Immaculate Mentality on Maschine:

Anyways, I hope you’s enjoy what you see; Please subscribe to my channel to ensure you don’t miss future video’s:

Peace, love, respect, light!

~Wesley “ThiNXx” ♥

Live Drumming with Maschine 20130817

Hey people

Hope you’re all doing well; I was doing some experimenting over the weekend and I came across this really cool kit. I really liked how it was sounding, so I decided to film it so I could show you. It’s my first attempt at live drumming using Maschine & I’m Just having some fun really; it’s a constant work in progress but I think I’m getting somewhere with this whole thing.

Single kit; No loops.
Hope you dig it!

Peace, love, respect, light!
~ ThiNXx