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DECODED FORMS (ThiNXx Remix) – Metapop Competition Entry – Up and Out Now!!

Sup yawl…

Been a little quiet music-wise as of late just caught in a consistent battle with life but, I managed to find a some time to cook up a remix track for the Produce This #2: NATIVE INSTRUMENTS – DECODED FORMS Competition over at MetaPop!!

I actually ran of time but please do give it a listen n’ let me know what ya think. 🙂

This is the track:
DECODED FORMS (ThiNXx Remix) | MetaPop on @MetaPopInc

Hope ya like it a little bit at least. 🙂

Peace, love, respect, light!

~ Wesley “ThiNXx” ❤️


“Sublimination” Fake Four + Bike for Three! – Remix competition Entry.

Peace people… managed to finish this up over the weekend…
My entry for the Fake Four, Bike for Three! – “Sublimination” Remix competition. Check it:

Although I don’t see it winning due to the serious talent I’m up against; I really had fun making it & Hope you enjoy it half as much as it was to make!

Thanks to Bike for Three! & Fake Four for the incredible opportunity.

Peace, love, respect, light!


No Bird Sing “Don’t Think” ft. Sage Francis Remix Contest – Top 70 Selected #VOTE for ThiNXx!!!

Hey people’s

Hope you’re all good!!
I have some crazy exiting news!.. I entered a remix competition and made the top 70 alongside some of my favourite producers in the world!!
it’s almost surreal.

This is the remix I submitted for the No Bird Sing “DON’T THINK” REMIX CONTEST.

The top 70 remixes have now been chosen and they’ve decided to leave voting open to the public until Monday, Oct 14th; so, now I guess it’s in your hands.

To read Sage Francis’s notes on each remix, and to VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE REMIX, go to: tinyurl.com/DontThinkRemixContest

comment ” ThiNXx ” in the comments section if you’re feeling my mix.

No Bird Sing and Sage Francis will decide on the winner, but since there have been close to 70 entries in all, the public will also get to decide who wins the “popular vote.”

Both winners will receive the SFR gift package. Winners will be announced on Oct 15th.
really hope it’s me, but there’s some serious competition
Please take a minute to listen to my entry and consider throwing a vote my way…
Thank you kindly. Your support means the world to me!!

Peace, love, respect, light!
~ TXx