CoverBW“Excuse Me” is the Official single offering from ThiNXx
put together as a protest song against corruption and
abuse of power. It’s free to download and available here

a3424987523_16“Excuse Me”(Demo) is the single offering from ThiNXx
put together as a protest song against corruption and
abuse of power. It’s free to download and available here

a1330442630_16“Speechless” is the debut instrumental album from
South African hip-hop artist, “ThiNXx” . “Speechless”
because the world shocks me into submission
practically every single day without fail”… Artwork
by Jim Baum (Citizen of/Fastax). 
Get it here

a3211343946_16“I Love the Way You Remix” is the ThiNXx Remix
of the track “I Love the Way You Hate Me” Taken
from the “Sentiments to Cinders” release.
Get it here

a0945613216_16“FRAGMENTZ” (fragment (noun/plural noun:
fragments ˈfraɡm(ə)nt/ – 1. a small part broken
off or separated from something) is a sample and
free instrumental EP of all new tracks for your
listening pleasure. All the vocal elements have
been extracted from other songs to form
something completely new. Hope you dig it!
Although this EP is entirely free any and the
entirety of the amount you decide to pay will
be donated directly to ‘s “Seeds of
hope in Nepal’s horror” campaign to help aid
the victims of the recent and horrific earthquake.
Artwork by Lee Willis of Onboard Balloon,
Get your copy here

a4246434416_16“The Violence of Fem” is a self produced single
released 14 December 2014 and available here

a2962517522_16The Cassette Tape version of “All By Myself” is the
solo album of South African hip hop / rapper ThiNXx.
Composing home-made beats and introspective
lyrics, ThiNXx raps and rhymes in a old school hip
hop way. Completely underground, the style of beats
bounce with the vocals.  “ABMS” is a multi-themed
offering of tracks crossed with instrumentals to
convey the journey of isolation in the life of an artist
dedicated to focusing on one’s goals earnestly, and not
being swayed despite various distractions and
hindrances along the way.  Limited to 40 red tint c40
cassettes and available exclusively via I had An
Accident Records here

a4172139898_2“All By Myself” is the debut Album from South African
hip-hop artist, “ThiNXx” and his first self-produced
project since his 2010 offering, “White Paper
Blackouts”. It’s also his first official release on Arcadiac Records! “ABMS” is a multi-themed offering of tracks
crossed with instrumentals to convey the journey of
isolation in the life of an artist dedicated to focusing on
one’s goals earnestly, and not being swayed despite various distractions and hindrances along the way.
Artwork by Jim Baum (Citizen of/Fastax)
Get it here

a2791527270_2“illusive” is a collection of older, self-produced
tracks that have been sat on for a while along and
now available here

a0866404312_16“Sentiments to Cinders” (Re-release on Arcadiac Records)
is the 3rd full length project by South African hiphop artist
“ThiNXx” and he believes that this is his best work to date.
It is completely written, recorded, arranged and mastered
by ThiNXx himself and features the likes of “Phil G the
Knowbody” and “Immaculate Mentality” with beats by
Kamikaze Picnic, Mainvein, Phil G the Knowbody and
ThiNXx. Includes bonus tracks; Artwork by Jim Baum
(Citizen of/Fastax) Get your copy here

a1947918246_16Ballpoint Magician is the prelude single to the upcoming
debut EP titled Scarecrow Tactics from Patient Zero.
Ballpoint Magician features ThiNXx who represents South
Africa in the 1st round of the Patient Zero take-over. Get
your copy via “Bitnormal Recordshere

a3595110515_2Undo, Cut, Copy based bold is a single released in
2013. Get it here


“Sentiments to Cinders” is an emotionally themed
project taking the listener through a mixture of
good times turning bad, the loss of close friends,
helplessness in not being able to help friends in
need due to inevitable circumstances beyond
your control, love, hurt, frustration, being
outcast, unaccepted and alone in a big bad
world that just seems to get worse every time
you blink and yet still being able to carry on
pursuing the ultimate goal of living your passion
against all odds. relayed in a very, no-holds barred,
emotional way this album is very different from the
previous two, with regards to the style of the writing
and the delivery of the lyrics and promises to be one
you don’t want to miss.
Check it out here: Get S2C 4 FREE!

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