“All By Myself” – Very Limited Edition Run of 10 Handmade CD’s – Available Now!

Peace people,

I apologize for announcing this up here a little late but they’re finally ready!!!
10455433_10152922565267222_5460749189296877432_nIntroducing the Very Limited physical run for”All By Myself”!
This is a Limited edition of 1 in 10 handmade cds & each cover is put together all by myself as well as uniquely signed and numbered…
10459113_10152922565277222_1001262436809216391_nNumbers 1 – 4 in yellow
and 5 – 10 in blue.
10313471_10152922565232222_1185320956008240105_nArtwork by the one and only Jim Baum(Citizen of Fastax)
10352791_10152922565292222_8170287278802808029_nA few points to note about this release:

*these are for sale and ship world-wide*

*There are only 10 of these in existence and this format will never be printed again*

*Each cover was put together, by hand, by myself and probably involvesa full 30 – 50mins work time for each cover*

*each disc is also numbered*

*All proceeds will go toward funding another limited edition release for the same album in a completely different format, so look out for that*

*help make this happen and get involved*

*I will hook you up if you order*

Grab yourself a copy here:

Peace, love, respect, light!!

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