“All By Myself” Very Limited Cassette Tape + “Fade to White” – Brand New Music Video – OUT NOW!!!!

Sup Peeps!

Hope you are all doing well and having an awesome week…

I’m beyond excited to announce that the day has finally arrived and you can now purchase the very limited(only 40) edition cassette tape version of my album “All by Myself” via I had An Accident Records, right here:

there also may or may not be a brand new unreleased track on it too…

I’ve also been working past midnight over the last 2 evenings to get this done and I’m pleased to say I actually did it =)

I give you The second Official “DiY” music video I made for my track “Fade to White” lifted from the album!!! Check it out here:

There are currently only 5 tapes left at IhAA so I do suggest jumping on it to avoid disappointment… If they do happen to be sold out by the time you get this, there are also a handful of copies available via Arcadiac Records here: http://arcadiacrecords.com/store

and digital format here:
or here:

and I also have a very limited handmade cd version here:

*NOTE* For South African customers*** I will have 15 Cassettes available locally very soon barring the postal strike and will post / send out the link as soon as they are available!! 

hope you enjoy the video and the album… Peace!

Written, recorded, produced, composed, arranged & mastered by ThiNXx

ThiNXx ThiNKs ThiNGs
all inquiries may be directed to thinxx@thinxx.org

Thank you all for your continued support… It means soo much to me =)

Peace, love, respect, light!


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