Trainwreck’d Society’s Person of 2013: Alexander Hallett [Exclusive]


Trainwreck'd Society

Alex3When it came to choosing this year’s Person of Year I have to admit, I think I chose them very early on in the year.  Yes, there were a few contenders to pour in later, but I think I always had my heart set on this guy.  Sir Alexander Hallett.

I first came to know Alex almost five years ago when I was writing primarily for under the wing of the wise and talented Andrew Fenstermaker.  Fensepost wasn’t known for its inclusion of hip hop music in its then twice daily music posts.  But, Fense knew I was a fan of “alternative” hip hop, so he passed along a request from an artist named Alexipharmic.  The name alone intrigued me, as I could hardly figure out how to say it.  I remember listening to one of his many  Good Side of Bad volumes at a little breakfast nook…

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