“ThiNXx” ThiNKs ThiNGs – Life ‘n Stuff… Oh and Hoodies!!

“I do what I does & I like it much
sometimes it’s tough but I have enough
to keep it up and not to let stuff
get to my mind and make me want to stop
it’s all I do; built into my heart
some call it art..
but me… life, breath & blood”.
– ThiNXx Thinks Things

Please spread the word; so I can get heard. =)
Physical copies of my last album “Sentiments to Cinders” still available…
Get your copy here:

Also; I’ve recently finished up a new hoodie design for my site http://www.dohiphop.com/!! This is a site trying to promote good indie hiphop artists from all around the world… Check it out and follow if you are so inclined. There are a whole bunch of well informed authors as well as myself trying to keep you informed with what’s going on in the hiphop world as best we know how.. Hope you like what you see!

So anyway back to the hoodie… You can get yourself this wicked “dohiphop” hoodie at a very reasonable price right here as well as a custom one we hooked up for my good friend “Dronejones” right here:

There will be a “ThiNXx” design coming soon! So, look out for that..
All the old styles have now been discontinued.

Peace, love, respect, light!


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